Mahjong box with panda decor, limited and numbered edition
Wood and marquetry, nephrite jade
REF: T1220550

This collection honors Cartier's long-standing tradition of creating fine objects. Skilfully and uniquely crafted in precious leathers and metals, lacquer and marquetry, each of these designs manifests the Cartier art de vivre.

Limited edition of 18 numbered pieces. Mahjong box with panda decor, sycamore wood lacquered from black to green and mother-of-pearl marquetry, 16 nephrite jade cabochons, golden finish details. Inside: black Alcantara®* inside with 4 drawers containing 148 tiles, 92 chips and 6 die in Corian ®.
Dimensions: 256 mm (length) x 256 mm (width) x 137 mm (height).
*Alcantara® is a registered trademark which does not belong to Cartier.
Corian ® is a trademark that is not owned by Cartier. The Corian is a coating material made of 1/3 of acrylic resin and 2/3 of natural minerals.