Watch box with dragon decor
Black lacquered sycamore wood, mother-of-pearl, Alcantara®
REF: T1220684

A stylistic blend of Chinese influences and Art Deco, a genuine work of art in marquetry, this precious box is a demonstration of rare expertise. The immaculate black of lacquered sycamore contrasts with the iridescent white of mother-of-pearl. In the center, the dragon in hand-inlaid marquetry enchants the beholder.

Limited edition. Watch box with dragon decor, black lacquered sycamore wood, white and grey mother-of-pearl marquetry, mother-of-pearl cabochons, interior in black Alcantara®*.
Dimensions : 300 mm (length) x 230 mm (width) x 130 mm (height).

*Alcantara® is a registered trademark which does not belong to Cartier.