Exceptional Pens

Exceptional lovebirds decor fountain pens
Yellow gold, white gold, diamonds, lacquer
REF: ST190020

Pens of extreme refinement created in the finest materials: pink, yellow or white gold, sterling silver, and set with precious stones.

Limited edition of 10 individually numbered pieces.
2 exceptional fountain pens lovebirds decor. Male: 18K white gold fountain pen paved with 338 diamonds, 2 eyes in emeralds, lacquered plumage in black and gradations of red and yellow. Female: 18K yellow gold fountain pen paved with 84 diamonds, 2 eyes in sapphires, lacquered plumage in gradations of red and yellow, partially rhodiumized 18K solid gold nibs with an engraved lovebird motif, sterling silver stand with 3 onyx cabochons, interchangeable converter.
Pen dimensions: 165 mm (height) x 20 mm (diameter).