Ménagerie de Cartier exceptional chessboard, with precious fauna Bolivar wood, nephrite jade, white marble, black ceramic, white ceramic, palladium-finish sterling silver

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Ménagerie de Cartier exceptional chessboard, with precious fauna. Box in black and gray Bolivar wood marquetry, checkerboard in nephrite jade and white marble marquetry, interior of drawers in black Alcantara®* with leaves décor. 32 pieces in palladium-finish 925 sterling silver, nephrite jade and white marble, animals in black and white ceramic. Unique piece, can be reproduced. Dimensions (HxLxW): 105 x 397 x 397 mm. *Alcantara® is a registered trademark that does not belong to Cartier.

Cartier has designed a small accessories collection that stands to its tradition of excellence and unique flair for fine objects. These delicately crafted pieces act as precious adornments, offering an ever-present touch of elegance.