Eau de Toilette IV L'Heure Fougueuse Spray

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The horizon cleared, sparking the desire to escape. Was it dawn or dusk? The moment smelled of the promised land, of alfalfa, a summer shimmering with a magnolia and BERGAMOT soul. An opportunity to be seized, as if hanging onto the wild HORSEHAIR NOTE neck of life. And there they went! Together they charged towards the vetiver challenges, grappling hand-to-hand with a tanned hide of YERBA- MATE and glistening fur, both accomplices in their own abduction, romantic kidnapers of musk notes of an overwhelming love. Astride a steed galloping at full speed, L'HEURE FOUGUEUSE, noble and imperious lavender, rushed towards freedom enveloped in the humid heat of straw struck by a storm of COUMARIN and oak moss.

A creative statement that gives carte blanche to our In-House Perfumer: Mathilde Laurent A tribute to the great History of Perfumery and the Art of Perfume Carefully selected ingredients and authentic compositions that keep their natural colors Mathilde Laurent was honored by two prestigious FIFI awards for La Treizième Heure: the Experts Prize and the Perfumers Prize Each Heure de Parfum is the expression of the Cartier fragrance style