Les Heures de Parfum


It was time to capture a life full of fresh, early mornings of petitgrain, FRESH HERBS at the dawn of intentions. Everything seemed possible – love, creation, belief. The time had come to embrace the day, comforted by IRIS self-confidence and honesty, and to fly or walk in the first glimmers of a spring of existence. The sheer newness was just waiting to be explored like an undiscovered continent bathed in hope, with the promise of cherishing the moment a little longer while everything remained quiet. Prolonging, preserving the moment: L’HEURE PROMISE by Cartier. An eiderdown of sandalwood, for leaving the night behind without offending sleep. Outside, I sense, like MUSK NOTES forming a veil of tulle, my own defining scent – that of my destiny unfolding and of an adventure waiting to happen.