After Sales Service - Clocks

Your Cartier clock is an exceptional object, conceived and created by Cartier's master clockmakers. Whether it belongs in the home, in the office or for travel use, it needs daily care and a general service once every two years. Providing this attention will enable you to keep your clock free of care for many years.
In order to have your Cartier clock diagnosed or repaired, we invite you to visit the Cartier boutique or authorized dealer of your choice, bringing your warranty certificate with you if your creation is under warranty.


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The Rapid Service enables you to have the battery of a quartz movement changed, or the movement of your clock adjusted in cases where it has not been damaged. You are recommended to have this service carried out once every two years.

Performed by a Cartier master clockmaker it includes the following operations:

  • the case of the clock is opened;
  • for quartz clocks, the battery is replaced and the rate of the movement is checked;
  • for mechanical clocks, the rate of the movement is checked and, if necessary, adjusted;
  • the case is closed;
  • the case is cleaned using a soft cloth;
  • a technical inspection is carried out in accordance with Cartier quality criteria.

The intervention warranty for this service, which only covers the service carried out, is for 12 months, as per the terms of the international intervention warranty.