After Sales Service - Fine Watchmaking

Your Cartier Fine Watchmaking timepiece is an exceptional object that has been conceived and created by Cartier's master watchmakers at the Maison's workshops in Switzerland. It is equipped with complications, or mechanisms which are added to the watch's basic movement. These allow the watch to measure time through additional hands, to strike the hours, etc., or to provide astronomical indications. Only an expert may deal with this type of mechanism. Its servicing or restoration therefore requires all Cartier master watchmakers' knowledge of traditional Fine Watchmaking techniques, expertise and savoir-faire.

Whichever model, movement or degree of complication is concerned, it requires daily care and a general servicing once every two years. Providing this attention will enable you to wear your watch free of care for many years.


The Complete Service allows for a full, detailed inspection of your Cartier watch, and particularly of its most technical and precise aspect: its mechanism. A Complete Service is essential when a watch has not been checked for several years or when its mechanism no longer works properly (because the oils it contains have dried out or the case has received an impact, for example). It is also recommended once every four or five years.

Performed by a Cartier master watchmaker qualified for working with Fine Watchmaking models, it includes the following operations:

  • aesthetic and ergonomic inspections;
  • the disassembly of the watch;
  • the disassembly, examination and cleaning of all the component parts of the movement;
  • the replacement of the components, if necessary;
  • the adjustment of the escapement, balance-spring and balance;
  • the reassembly and casing-up of the components;
  • amplitude and water-resistance tests;
  • testing of the power reserve and of the automatic winding process on a wear simulator;
  • an aesthetic inspection is carreid out in accordance with Cartier quality criteria.

If specific damaged parts (e.g., the dial, hands, glass, crown, metal bracelet, etc.) need to be replaced, these will only be changed and invoiced after you have given your authorization.