After Sales Service - Leather Goods

Your Cartier leather item is an exceptional object that has been conceived and created by Cartier's fine leather craftsmen in the Maison's workshops. When purchased in a Cartier boutique or at an authorized dealer's, it is accompanied by a certificate testifying to its authenticity. The services below are available for all types of leather, except for varnished leather and exotic leather. By entrusting your leather articles to Cartier, you will preserve them in excellent condition and for many years to come.


WHAT IS THE EDGE-TINTING SERVICE? - Leather Goods - Cartier Customer Services

The Edge-Tinting Service makes it possible to restore the edges of a leather article so that they rediscover their shine and color.

Performed by a Cartier sales associate, it includes the following operations:

  • the diagnosis;
  • the tinting of the edges: the edges of the article are cleaned before a first coat of dye is applied. Once the surface is dry, the edges are rounded out using a heated tool or a mildly abrasive sponge, and are then tinted a second time. Once the dye is dry, the coloring is sometimes toned down using an abrasive sponge.
  • the cleaning and removal of light scratches: the leather is massaged with a soft cloth and a cleansing and nourishing lotion so as to smooth out the light scratches and revive its color.
  • a technical and aesthetic inspection, carried out in accordance with Cartier quality criteria.