After Sales Service - Writing Instruments

Your Cartier pen is an exceptional object, and the result of the latest Cartier innovations. Made of precious metal or materials selected with the greatest care, it requires care and attention. By entrusting it to Cartier, you will preserve it in excellent condition and for many years to come.

When purchased in a Cartier boutique or at an authorized dealer's, your pen is accompanied by a certificate testifying to its authenticity. In order to have it diagnosed or repaired, we invite you to visit the Cartier boutique or authorized dealer of your choice, bringing your warranty certificate with you if your creation is under warranty.

Creations purchased from non-authorized dealers or websites other than are not warranted as being authentic Cartier creations.


Maintenance service pens - after-sales service - Cartier

The Maintenance Service enables the specific independent parts of the mechanism or of the nib to be cleaned.

Performed by a Cartier technician, it includes the following operations:

  • the diagnosis;
  • the pen is disassembled;
  • for fountain pens, the nib is cleaned;
  • for ballpoint pens or mechanical pencils, the mechanism is checked;
  • for rollerballs or other writing instruments, the writing mechanism is checked;
  • the inner part of the pen is cleaned;
  • the pen is brought back to working order, including the replacement of damaged parts that are independent of the mechanism or nib;
  • the ink cartridge is replaced or refilled;
  • the pen is reassembled;
  • an observation test is conducted;
  • the functioning of the pen is checked;
  • the external surface of the pen is cleaned.