Type of delivery Provider Estimated
Delivery Lead Time
Charge to Customer
Standard FedEx 5-7 Days* Free
Express FedEx -
Not available for products
shipped to Alaska or Hawaii
2 Business Days*
(subject to stock availability)
If order < $500
= $25 per order
If order ≥ $500 = free
Overnight If you wish to have your order delivered in less than 2 Business Days*, please check feasibility with your Cartier ambassador for special arrangements. If accepted for overnight delivery and order is If accepted for overnight delivery and order is ≥ $500, there is no delivery charge.

*Saturday will not be considered as a regular business day with respect to estimated delivery lead time. Delivery on Saturday may however be proposed as a service to specific zip codes by the Customer Contact Center. Please contact the Customer Contact Center (1-800-CARTIER) for more information.

Please note that in exceptional cases, express delivery may be delayed if you have requested bracelet adjustment or engraving. In such cases, the Customer Contact Center will contact you to propose other arrangements.