After Sales Service - Watches

Your Cartier watch is an exceptional object that has been conceived and created by Cartier's master watchmakers at the Maison's workshops in Switzerland. Whichever model, movement or degree of complication is concerned, it requires daily care and a general servicing once every two years. Providing this attention will enable you to wear your watch free of care for many years.

In order to have your Cartier watch diagnosed or repaired, we invite you to visit the Cartier boutique or authorized retailer of your choice; please bring your warranty certificate with you if your creation is under warranty.


The Maintenance Service enables you to have the water-resistance gaskets replaced or specific parts unrelated to the watch movement changed. You are recommended to have this service carried out once every two years.

Performed by a Cartier master watchmaker, it includes the following operations:

  • the watch is totally disassembled;
  • parts subject to wear and tear (e.g., batteries, gaskets, hands, crown, etc.) are replaced;
  • the watch is checked for magnetization and, if necessary, demagnetized;
  • the movement is checked and the rate adjusted;
  • the case and the bracelet (if made of metal) are subjected to ultrasonic cleaning;
  • the watch is reassembled;
  • the watch's rate and power reserve are checked for a minimum of 48 hours;
  • the water-resistance is checked;
  • the bracelet and clasp of the folding buckle are checked and adjusted.

If specific damaged parts (e.g., the dial, hands, glass, crown, metal bracelet, etc.) need to be replaced, these will only be changed and invoiced after you have given your authorization.
The intervention warranty for this service, which only covers the service carried out, is for 12 months.