Pasha Noir Absolu

Pasha de Cartier: the fragrance

Launched in 1992 as an Eau de Toilette, the Pasha de Cartier collection became the symbol of an era. A hedonistic trail that evolved over time to explore all facets of the fougère in powerful, elegant and bold olfactory signatures.

Pasha Noir Absolu

Taking it to the next level, intensifying everything from scent to design: this is the purpose of the new Pasha Noir Absolu perfume. Cartier perfumer Mathilde Laurent infuses the Maison’s historic fougère with a daring cloud of charcoal and spicy burnt sugars, endlessly diffusing their addictive notes. 

An entirely refillable bottle

Now compatible with refills, the bottle for Cartier's Pasha perfumes has been refined and given a more sophisticated appearance.