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You can reach us in Bulgaria by phone on +359 29 06 64 36

Les Nécessaires à Parfum Cartier

A design to keep close at hand

Refined for men and women alike, Cartier creates a collection of everyday perfume essentials to keep close at hand. These unique objects are reviving the grand tradition of vanity cases.

A history of style and accessories

Sophisticated and portable, the Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum invent a new design: simple, original and modern, made to be refillable and house all the Maison's perfumes in 30 ml glass bottles.

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Objects for Life

The Nécessaires à Parfum are designed by Cartier to last, with multiple refills to choose from within an olfactory heritage.

Infinite possibilities that allow you to change scents at any time, from one day to the next, according to your desires. 

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