Le Voyage Recommence

The universe of the collection

Light matters

Everything at Cartier revolves around the purity of lines, the balance of shapes and volumes, the play of proportions and the final harmony of the entire piece. Together, this creates a strong vision that presides when structures of light are born.

Lerro necklace

Featuring three octagonal Colombian emeralds totaling 5.62 carats, a series of intertwining, fluid and graphic lines electrifies this creation. A perfect balance between fullness and open space, the openwork further accentuates the illusion of movement. Small touches of tapered diamonds add tension and structure to the piece.

Eximis ring

Cartier presents a ring full of volume centered around a fancy brown-yellow lozenge-shaped diamond weighing 4.15 carats. Triangular white diamonds surround the central gem to give the piece an architectural structure that is divided into symmetrical fragments.

Ondule ring

At Cartier, precious stones bring out emotions and the intuition of the sublime. Here, a 0.92 carat fancy gray-violet diamond, exceptional due to the rarity of its color and its weight, is integrated into the heart of a miniature structure. Half-moon diamonds release their radiance around the central stone, transforming its shape and brilliance through a mysterious halo.

Sama necklace

Animating the inanimate: this is the feat achieved by this necklace, inspired by the dresses of the whirling dervishes. All around the center stone, a 19.27 carat Ceylon sapphire, curves set with diamonds spin in a striking sensation of movement.

Precious geometry

Geometry and contrast are two elements that make up the Cartier style. On one hand, they are based on form and pattern, developed around symmetry or asymmetry, and on the other, the strength of contrasts.

Spina necklace

Broken lines, alternating diamonds, sapphires and openwork comprise the dazzling design of this necklace. The center is an alignment of two 4.56-carat cushion-cut diamonds and a 29.16-carat Ceylon sapphire. When pivoted on itself, the creation transforms into a tiara.

Miraggio necklace

The starting point? An alignment of Ceylon sapphires and the axis of a sapphire-and-emerald-patterned grid producing an almost kinetic effect. The ensemble produces a blue-green chromatic harmony, the “peacock decor” of Louis Cartier.

Vespro necklace

It is the stones that give rhythm and contrast: rubies, turquoises, spinels and garnets make up a game of balance between geometric tension and roundness of the beads.


The Claustra necklace showcases a set of shield diamonds, including a remarkable 4.02 carat specimen. Through effects of perspective and interplays of relief, light vibrates and circulates. Onyx alternates with openwork and diamonds in a constantly reinvented contrast that is emblematic of the Maison.

Far-Flung Inspirations

Cartier has always had a passion for the world and its cultures. This curiosity is the legacy of a long lineage that is more contemporary than ever.

Yfalos necklace

In the sea, an extension of the sky, and in turquoise, all possible horizons... The designer has placed them at the center of this creation, one azure blue, the other streaked with brown veins. They form the soul of this necklace, full of connections to nature. 

Bailong brooch

An honorable creature of the Cartier bestiary, the dragon channels a powerful energy that runs from its crest to its scales and tapered limbs and which is reflected in the realism of this design. Perched upon an octagonal tourmaline totaling 30.11 carats, the dragon holds a yellow diamond in one claw.

Dohara necklace

A reversible necklace with an interplay of color and pattern. On one side: the fiery light of diamonds and sculpted rock crystal. On the other: red, green and blue lacquer – an emblematic Cartier accord. In the center: three oval diamonds visible from the front and the back.

Pandjara necklace

This creation is an homage to the Islamic Arts and the mashrabiya, with a game of light and shadows. The central stone is a fancy deep yellow-brown shield-shaped diamond, which gives rhythm to the design of the necklace.

Girih necklace

This necklace offers a refined and graphic interpretation of one of the founding themes of Cartier style: the Islamic arts and the splendor of their architecture. Its intensity draws on the power of harmony between emeralds from Zambia and custom-cut turquoises. The central pendant turns into a brooch.​​​

A Wild Nature

There is nothing romantic or sweet when it comes to Cartier's representation of nature, a creative tension that ranges from hyperrealism to stylization and even abstraction.

Panthère confiante necklace

Emerging from a lush, acid-colored décor, the panther watches over a 26.52-carat cabochon peridot surmounted by four octagonal peridots. Ribbed coral beads studded with peridot, diamonds and onyx blossom all around, with graphic touches reminiscent of feline fur. 

Pileo ring

What if a 5.12-carat hexagonal diamond were the inspiration for a sea urchin ring, an abstract design freely interpreted from the echinoid? The entire structure of the ring is designed around the edges of the gem to form a sphere bristling with rose-cut and brilliant-cut diamonds, enhanced by white gold studs. 

Pineas necklace

Pine cone or wisteria? At the end of two asymmetrical pendants of pavé rose gold scales, this necklace boasts two hexagonal Colombian emeralds totaling 25.84 carats. Exceptional gems which, when detached, become earrings. This is the art of modularity, one of the Maison's signatures.

Distrysia necklace

First, there is a 13.78 carat fancy yellow-brown diamond in a modified hexagonal shape. It gives the necklace its asymmetrical structure, composed of white, pink and brown diamonds, lapis lazuli, obsidians, sapphires and amethysts, all cut to measure.

Panthère Givrée necklace

A new interpretation of Cartier's emblematic feline, this necklace combines stylization and figuration. The realism of the head creates a dialogue with the abstraction of the pixelated coat in onyx spots. At its center are three aquamarines with a total weight of 20.33 carats.