Sixième Sens Alaxoa Necklace


Weaving emeralds with diamond details, Alaxoa teases our senses. Like a shiver on the skin, the necklace appears to be full of life, animated by breathtaking colors. This green doesn’t exist anywhere else: it’s radiant, vibrant and sparkling. Here and there, diamonds underscore the slightest movement with fleeting radiance. 


This necklace was made using a threading technique. The challenge? Creating harmony between the stones and on the necklace. Cut and polished by hand, the emeralds are chosen according to their hue, diameter and thickness. The stones’ consistency is then studied to proceed with their positioning. They are then threaded in more than 80 strands connected by tiny metal bridges to keep them fanned out. This highly precise work is carried out in collaboration with the jewelers, stringer and designer.