Sixième Sens Coruscant Necklace


This necklace vividly illustrates the enchanting power of gemstones. The virtuosity of the High Jewelry workshops shines through in this creation where each diamond sparkles with its own unique radiance. Emblematic of Cartier’s style, the combination of diamonds of different cuts intensifies the fire of the gemstones and imbues the design with rhythm.


The necklace is made up of six diamond cuts: kite, octagonal, emerald, triangle, baguette and brilliant. Graded D IF and E IF, the main diamonds have been chosen for their quality. Their combination sets the whole jewel alight. With its perfectly geometrical design, the lines draw the gaze to the pendant, a spectacular addition of a 3-carat kite diamond, a 1.62-carat octagonal diamond and a 1.54-carat emerald-cut diamond. The suppleness showcases the jewelers’ high standards and talent.