Sixième Sens Meride Necklace


A precious labyrinth that traps the gaze, this necklace in relief dazzles us with a multitude of optical effects: the interplay of reflections between the metal, graphic onyx, diamonds and rock crystal adds to the confusion of perspectives. Light seems lost in the dizzying depths of opaque shadows only to then shine through the rock crystal’s purity and bounce off the diamonds’ dazzling facets. 


On an openwork structure, the stones seem to multiply into infinity. The rock crystal and diamonds provide transparency and dazzling white. Expertise is expressed through the piece’s flexibility and its particularly supple link. The creation thus becomes an extension of the body itself. This necklace is the result of many hours of work to ensure that each element is in the right place. Calculated to piece together the shape of princess-cut diamonds, the onyx cut is testament to complete gem-cutting mastery.