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Cartier Philanthropy

The Cartier Philanthropy foundation was founded with the aim to follow a data-driven and result-based approach for a sustainable impact. With a mission to free everyone’s potential, Cartier Philanthropy works to improve the standard of living of the most vulnerable, particularly women and children living in the world’s least developed regions.

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Axis 1 - Access to basic services

Cartier Philanthropy ensures that children and their families have access to safe drinking water, sufficient food supplies, adequate sanitary facilities, access to education and receive suitable health care in the event of illness.

Axis 2 - Economic and social empowerment of women

To achieve gender equality, Cartier Philanthropy provides women the means they need to recover from several years of violence and gives them access to the education, skills and resources they need in order to make a living and be confident in themselves.

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Know how

Axis 3 - Sustainable livelihoods and ecosystems

Cartier Philanthropy is committed to helping the most disadvantaged earn a living not only economically, but in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner.

Axis 4 - Response and preparation in emergency situations

Cartier Philanthropy provides humanitarian aid to help save lives, alleviate suffering and reduce the number of victims. It also helps communities to better prepare themselves for future disasters.

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An effective philanthropy for a sustainable impact

“It’s a question of “modern philanthropy”: we are committed to achieving our goals by adopting strategies based on facts and figures. The rigorous management of resources and the meticulous evaluation of results allows us to continuously improve the aid provided to individuals to help them get out of difficult situations and find their own way to succeed.”

Cyrille Vigneron
Chairman of the Cartier Philanthropy Foundation board,
President and CEO of Cartier

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