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The Culture of Design

Tank, Trinity, Juste un Clou, Santos de Cartier, Love, Panthère or Ballon Bleu, instantly recognisable, these collections are based on four main principles of creation: the purity of the line, the accuracy of the shape, the precision of proportions, the precious details.


The purity of the line...

is Cartier’s desire to reduce the object to its purest form: structure. Easy to read and instantly understandable. Obsessed: the quest for pared-down simplicity dictates features that are recognisable from the first glance. This requires a high level of expertise.

The precious details...

refer to the stylistic intuition of a jeweller who sees beauty or finds and dares to show what others hide. The details must have meaning and not be featured aimlessly or artificially. These are pieces of great value, and Cartier is ready to let this show.

Perfect proportions

The precision of the proportions...

is the balance between the lines and shapes, the volume and harmony that emanate from the design. The precision is measured by the way you wear it, much like that of clothing. Proportion then takes on its true meaning, determining the piece’s elegance which fits naturally into this context. It is this original precision that allows Cartier to rework the proportions of the pieces according to the times, yet without distorting them.

The accuracy of the shape...

is above all is its exploration. What can be created with a square? A circle, an oval or a rectangle? Cartier thinks like a designer, measuring the effects of symmetry, parallelism or asymmetry that each shape offers. By adding perspective, creating depth and calling on the curve of the pieces, the Maison seeks to provide them with movement and reinvent them in a new form.

Timeless objects

This intelligence of design places objects seamlessly within their time as well as within the future. Contemporary, although vintage to some, these designs stand the test of time: classic, eternal, essential.

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