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It is one of the most mythical creatures in the Cartier menagerie, where it instils its voluptuous charm. A powerful and hypnotic snake whose beauty and incredible flexibility Cartier enhances through this new interpretation. It is water that inspires the jeweller's choice of blue and white, the colours of sea foam and the sea bed where this oceanic reptile resides.

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Diamonds are everywhere: in tiny geometric patterns, in triangles aligned like a ridge, and on the pendant, consisting of two Ceylon sapphires separated by a sumptuous round rose-cut diamond. Scale motifs in lapis lazuli have been cut one by one to fit perfectly with the diamonds. This work is reserved for the most expert lapidaries, as this hard stone is a delicate material to cut. For Cartier, the reverse side must reflect the front, the inner side of the necklace features geometric patterns that evoke the cut of the diamonds on the ridge.

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