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Discover the Set For You service: Cartier’s diamond experts will be delighted to help you find the perfect creation to grant your every wish.
You can reach us in Italy by phone: +39 023026548.


Declare your love with a Cartier solitaire

In love, what counts is the intensity. The intense emotion of the gesture, of the heartbeat, and of the Cartier ring whose central stone reverberates with brilliance and passion.



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How far did they go for love?

Flashback to two great Cartier love stories paved with intensity.

Listen to the most beautiful Cartier client stories as you’ve never heard them before

For the first time, Cartier has decided to showcase, through audio recordings, some of the most beautiful client stories through the testimonies of Carter sales associates.



What Makes A Cartier Diamond

At Cartier every centre stone diamond is issued with a report from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA).

This report assesses diamonds according to the 4Cs criteria: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, but Cartier goes even further; the virtuoso of the Maison’s experts allows them to create compositions of elegance that reveal the magnificent light of these exceptional gems.

Beyond the 4 Cs

As a responsible jeweller and watchmaker, the Maison strives to source our diamonds only from conflict-free areas and from countries that are participants in the Kimberley Process and the System of Warranties since 2003.


It’s a question of knowing how to look, of having an eye for precision: it’s the expertise of the Maison that makes it possible to select Cartier diamonds between IF and VS2, D and H. It’s an intangible heritage, it’s going above and beyond these internationally recognised indicators to see the singularity, charm and absolute beauty exhibited by a Cartier diamond.


A requirement whose aim is to reveal the sparkle of each stone. It compels artisans to reduce the metal to a minimum, reduce the spacing between stones and then, following High Jewellery techniques, to polish it to intensify the gems fire.

The Cartier signature is an encounter blending unique expertise with a powerful creative vision.


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Personalise your Cartier creation thanks to our engraving services, for a gift that will remain eternally precious.

Throughout your declaration of love, Cartier is right by your side.


Personalise your Cartier box thanks to our complimentary embossing service.

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