Precious sunglasses

Wood, horn or jewelled details: for its emblematic collections Première de Cartier, Santos de Cartier and Signature C de Cartier... Cartier also offers noble and precious materials in the great tradition of the Maison's savoir-faire.
12 Models

White horn, smooth golden finish, green lenses

MYR 12,555

Smooth golden-finish metal, grey lenses

MYR 10,895

Smooth gold and platinum-finish metal, brown wood, gray lenses

MYR 10,895

Smooth golden-finish metal, gray lenses

MYR 12,555

Smooth gold-finish metal, black horn, gray lenses

MYR 12,790

Smooth golden-finish metal, grey lenses with golden flash

MYR 13,505

Smooth gold and platinum finish metal, white horn, gray lenses

MYR 13,505

Smooth golden-finish metal, brown lenses

MYR 14,215

Yellow gold, Première de Cartier motif

MYR 35,060

Yellow gold and diamonds, Première motif

MYR 109,445