Tutti Frutti


Sapphires, rubies and carved emeralds – the Tutti Frutti creations are emblematic of Cartier style. Inspired by India, whose influence is more alive than ever for Cartier, with a passion for volume and combining stones and colours.

The Maharajah necklace has
assured opulence of the great
Indian necklaces

This piece showcases a set of stones engraved in the great Indian tradition.
A Zambian emerald of 18.58 carats, 3 engraved Colombian emerald drops totalling 130.69 carats, a Burmese ruby of 23.24 carats, 8 Burmese rubies totalling 46.34 carats, and a pendant of 19 emeralds is the dazzling formula of this spectacular creation, blending rhythm and harmony.


This creation perpetuates the great Cartier tradition of transformable jewellery, revealing eight main ways of wearing the necklace and two variations for the pendant earrings.

Thus, the inner ruby part is transformed into a dog collar; tassels and clusters of emeralds surrounding the central motif can be removed, offering a shorter version of the adornment; the central cluster is worn as a pendant on a chain.


During the 1920s, a passion for this unique jewellery spread across the entire world. It enchanted a sophisticated clientele who appreciated fashion and the arts. They included Ms Cole Porter, Lady Mountbatten and Daisy Fellowes, significant figures in high society and among the world’s most elegant individuals.