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Cartier knows how to see the beauty of the world wherever it is found.
Looking at the beauty of the world, preserving it and above all enriching it: this is a passion that has never ceased to inspire the Maison's philosophy.
The latest  High Jewellery collection, Beautés du monde, contributes to this, serving as a testament to Cartier's wonder at the diversity of beauty.



Take a close look at a butterfly wing, let yourself be dazzled by the beautiful shades and hues, and imagine a piece of jewellery that would reflect its iridescent beauty. This is how the Apatura necklace was born, from the observation of the infinitely small.


Cartier pays tribute to the beauty of ornamental pieces, and more specifically to traditional Mesoamerican jewellery, with the Rituel set. Composed of a double row of azure chalcedony beads, the necklace unfolds to reveal an iridescent constellation of rubies.  


Inspired by the marine ecosystem, this necklace celebrates the beauty of coral reefs. A living organism, somewhere between flora and fauna, captured by  Cartier.


Texture, dimension, it is the skin of the green iguana that inspired the Maison's design studios to create this set. It reveals its beauty through a necklace abundant with diamonds and emeralds.


It is the miracle of an aquatic flower, whose beauty Cartier captures. A stylised approach to a water lily, whose jewellery composition is akin to a sculpture. Cartier has imagined this flower floating, as if placed gently on a long necklace of lilac-coloured chalcedony beads.

A capsule collection inspired by the creativity of the universe

Through their interpretation, abstract, stylised or realist, these High Jewellery rings reveal the originality of a composite world made beautiful through an interplay of stones.

A Delicate, Shape-Shifting Beauty

Geometry, movement, colour contrasts, flora and fauna: these rings cover all the Maison’s major areas of expression, each one inscribed with a vitality as different as the creation.

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