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Nature Sauvage

This High Jewellery collection reveals a new perspective of the Cartier Fauna, through new and unexpected encounters.


The long-necked bird with a beak enhanced by black lacquer and rose gold takes shape within a stylised landscape. A familiar species in the Cartier menagerie, the flamingo is the subject of creations that are at once poetic and joyful. A myriad of emeralds evokes a reed bush, while punctuations of aquamarine recall an aquatic environment. A signature palette that culminates in an imposing 38.50-carat aquamarine.

A contrast of volume and a game of material

A necklace born from more than 1000 hours of work, from the contrast of materials and the mastery of volumes. Optical games and an arrangement of stones reveal, hidden in an emerald bush, a flamingo with diamond plumage.

Panthère jaillissante

The panther has been tamed and made docile enough to be handled and played with, in the form of a hybrid jewel with magnetic elegance. This fully articulated ring-bracelet adds a wild energy to even the smallest of gestures. With its slender limbs, diamond coat flecked with sapphires and emerald eyes, the panther watches us, ready to pounce at any moment, as the fierce guardian of an 8.63-carat Zambian emerald.


You can’t help but feel its presence, it shines. Its stripes, profile, ears and muzzle are all enhanced by the precise, stylised lines of the design. The zebra, an animal dear to Cartier, holds an emerald-cut diamond and a 6.25-carat pear-shaped rubellite in its mouth. Its emblematic coat creates a graphic play of alternating onyx stripes, lines paved with brilliant- and emerald-cut diamonds allow openwork to reveal the skin.


Combining surprise and creativity, a turtle is concealed within a seemingly entirely abstract necklace, enhancing an imposing 71.90-carat rubellite. The game of camouflage is revealed alongside its versatility: the animal appears in its entirety, head and legs included, when detached to turn it into a brooch.

The ingenious and formal beauty

Under a 71.90-carat rubellite, hidden in a pattern of diamond and rubellite scales, is a turtle that can be transformed into a brooch. An appearance made possible by an ingenious system which allows two tiny clips to be folded down.


Sinuous and symmetrical, two reptiles snake around the neck. Side by side, their diamond scales are set with emeralds, and their heads crowned with kite-shaped diamonds. Between them are nine octagonal emeralds from Colombia totalling 14.72 carats.  A hybrid composition in which the organic blends with the urban through an interplay of perfectly geometric motifs. The chromatic intensity of the stones resonates in total harmony.

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