Key rings

Cartier recreates the emblematic codes of the Maison in miniature, always on a scale of elegance.
20 Models

Santos de Cartier keyring in stainless steel and golden-finish. Dimensions: 27 mm wide x 75 mm long.

Pivoting double C décor stainless steel key ring. Dimensions: 34 mm wide x 34 mm long.

Stainless steel key ring with wax seal décor. Dimensions: 34.4 mm high x 26 mm wide

Keyring with golden-finish wax seal motif. Medallion dimensions: 1.35” high x 1” wide

Santos de Cartier key ring with steel watch crown motif and blue resin cabochon. Dimensions: 28.5 mm diameter.

Diabolo de Cartier key ring in lacquered gold-finish metal with Panthère motif. Dimensions: W 96 x H 30 mm

Diabolo de Cartier key ring in gold-finish red resin with wax seal motif. Dimensions: W 45 x H 62 mm

Santos de Cartier key ring in stainless steel and black lacquer. Dimensions: 19 mm wide x 43 mm long.

Double C de Cartier logo key ring with pivoting Sunray motif in palladium-finish stainless steel, translucent blue lacquer. Medallion dimensions: 34 mm diameter.

Three ring motif key ring in stainless steel, rose-golden and yellow-golden finish metal. Medallion dimensions: 1.3” wide x 1.3” long

Louis Cartier Vendôme key ring, brass and stainless steel, palladium and gold finishes. Dimensions: 32 x 53 x 7 mm

Diabolo de Cartier Bellboy and wax seal key ring in lacquered metal, red resin and golden finish. Dimensions: 1.5” wide x 2.75” high