Take a close look at a butterfly wing, let yourself be dazzled by the beauty of its shades, and imagine an embellishment that would reflect its iridescent beauty. This necklace was born from the observation of the infinitely small. Here, it is not a question of reproducing in a figurative way, but of suggesting through an abstract composition, a display of shimmering colours that evoke the idea of the most delicate insect.


Cartier's designers and stone experts looked for stones whose colours most closely resembled the fire of the central Australian opals: diamonds, orange sapphires and sapphire beads. The threading technique requires meticulous sorting. The sapphire beads are calibrated to obtain a radiant effect around the opal whilst the threading is adjusted on each section of the necklace according to its location. In the Cartier tradition of transformable jewellery, this necklace can be worn with or without its detachable pendant, equipped with a fastening system that is as tiny as it is discreet.