For Cartier, music is a universal language, bringing people together despite borders. The Maison supports a community of musicians with free and unique personalities and shares the artists' perspectives with a greater audience. Through different formats (concerts, audio productions, film, etc.), Cartier develops emerging talents, and celebrates the wealth of musical repertoire.

Khatia Buniatishvili

Since her debut in 2008 at New York’s Carnegie Hall, pianist Khatia Buniatishvili has performed all over the world.

Her sensitivity, modernity and charisma appeal to all generations, making classical music accessible to a wider audience.

Friend of the Maison since 2020, her path regularly crosses with that of Cartier: during the Women’s Pavilion celebrations in Dubai, where she performed a concert in the desert, in the heart of a palace in Milan for a High Jewellery event, and more recently, at the Venice arsenal during the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

Performing a repertoire remarkable for its breadth, her performances range from the most intimate to the most spectacular.


Launched in 2021, Metanoïa is a music project conceived by Brazilian-Italian conductor Simone Menezes in collaboration with the musicians of her ensemble "K" and Cartier. A visionary musician, Simone Menezes offers unexpected encounters in her programmes, reminding us that intercultural and intergenerational dialogues have always played an essential role in creation, and are a fundamental source of inspiration.


Created in 2019, Résonances is born of two passions: Cartier's openness to the world and design on one hand, and the pianist, Zhu Xiao Mei, a specialist in the works of composer Johann Sebastian Bach and ardent supporter of the young Chinese art scene on the other. 

Résonances is a mentoring programme led by Zhu Xiao Mei, offering support to the new generation of pianists through album production and concerts, mainly in Europe and Asia.