The Mansion

In 1909, Pierre Cartier, the youngest of the three brothers, crossed the Atlantic in search of a place to establish Cartier New York. Luck was on his side and came in the shape of an exceptional pearl necklace...

Creations made in New York

In 1969, a spirit of change swept through New York. The desire for elegant, easy-to-wear gold jewellery inspired Aldo Cipullo, a Cartier designer, to create the Love bracelet and, in 1971, the Nail bracelet, later renamed Juste un Clou.

Once upon a time there was a necklace

In 1917, while looking for a place in New York, Pierre Cartier fell in love with a mansion in Manhattan. The wife of its owner, businessman Morton Plant, had fallen in love with a magnificent pearl necklace collected by Cartier. In a historic transaction, the jewellery piece was exchanged for the Mansion - and the dream became a reality.

Living the Cartier spirit

The Mansion has a dynamic presence that celebrates the location's history and the Maison's spirit. A presence appreciated by New Yorkers: in 2001, the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street was even named Place de Cartier.