A pure-bred animal whose symbolism and elegance have reigned over the Maison's creativity since its first appearance in 1914… We will be pleased to welcome you in our selected boutiques for personal advice or any queries on High Jewellery creations.
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The naturalistic interpretation of the panther is based on creating volume that is as close as possible to reality. Through a sculptural approach, combined with gold work, fluidity of lines, and ease of movement, her jewels assert themselves in all dimensions.


With the Panthère motif, Cartier offers a stylised interpretation of nature. Original, contrasting and elegant: this jewelled motif became a signature based on the balance between black and white, through alternating diamonds and onyx.


The graphic and geometric treatment in black and white of the panther's coat inspires powerful pieces today. Whether it is a realistic three-dimensional approach or a planar design, the exercise is always to recreate the living spirit, and to capture movement.