Key rings

Cartier recreates the emblematic codes of the Maison in miniature, always on a scale of elegance.
13 Models


Stainless steel, striated metal covered with anthracite gray PVD

TRY 10.800

Stainless steel, yellow and rose gold finishes.

TRY 15.800

palladium finish

TRY 16.300

Palladium finish metal, resin

TRY 16.400

Stainless steel, blue lacquer

TRY 16.800

Lacquered gold-finish metal

TRY 17.700

Lacquered metal, resin and golden finish

TRY 17.700

Palladium finish

TRY 18.300

Metal with palladium and gold finishes, Macassar ebony.

TRY 18.600

Brass and stainless steel, palladium and gold finishes.

TRY 21.700