Onyx Courage

I wish for strength of heart

Onyx is an exquisite gemstone symbolizing strength and bravery. It represents belief against all odds, perseverance, self-assurance, and inner strength.

White Mother of Pearl

White Mother of Pearl Protection

I wish for guidance

The White Mother of Pearl evokes warm, innocent memories, with its soft touch and heartwarming gestures. This talisman will guide and protect you throughout life's journey.


Carnelian Vitality

I wish to seize every moment

The Carnelian, the spirit of fire, is thought to be a powerful motivating stone with vivacious energy. It manifests enthusiasm and emits an uplifting light.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Serenity

I wish for inner peace

Lapis Lazuli, a fragment of the sky captured in its deep-blue hue for eternity, bears the promise to find infinite wisdom and wealth. This captivating stone brings inner peace and calm.


Malachite Luck

I wish for good fortune

Treasured by travelers, Malachite is believed to bring luck and hope. Its mystical deep green hue invites great expectations, surprises, and success in every adventure.

Grey Mother of Pearl

Grey Mother of Pearl The Power of Eternity

I wish for love to last forever

Grey Mother of Pearl to celebrate the eternity of our encounter, the carefree spirit of tomorrow, the infinite happiness of loving.


Chrysoprase Fulfillment

I wish to live life to the fullest

Chrysoprase echoes nature’s brilliant shade of green and delivers uplifting energy and strength to the beholder, awakening the creative spirit and bringing harmony.