History of
The Mansion
History of
The Mansion
The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion, the last remaining Mansion in Midtown, has been restored to its original 1904 glory. Designed to inspire the imagination to wander, the Mansion bridges a contemporary atmosphere with classic style on a stunning scale for an unmistakable Cartier experience.
  • 1917
    A New York City Home
    1917 mansion boutique
    Cartier opens the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion at Fifth Avenue and 52nd Street.
  • 1922
    American Artworks
    1922 american artworks
    Pierre Cartier named the New York workshops the American Artworks.
  • 1939
    New York World’s Fair
    1939 newyork worlds fair
    At the New York World’s Fair, Pierre Cartier holds the prestigious post of the President of the House of Jewels.
  • 1947
    LIFE Magazine
    1947 life magazine
    Esteemed LIFE magazine photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt creates an extraordinary photo essay about every aspect of the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion for the magazine's 13.5 million readers.
  • 1956
    Grace Kelly
    1956 grace kelly
    American actress Grace Kelly, soon-to-be Princess of Monaco, shopped at the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion weeks before marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco.
  • 1969
    Taylor-Burton Diamond
    1969 taylor burton diamond
    Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor both agreed to display their 69.42-carat pear-shaped Cartier diamond in the window of the Fifth Avenue Mansion.
    Every day thousands of people stopped in front of the store to admire the first diamond to exceed one million dollars.
  • 1969
    The LOVE Bracelet
    1969 love bracelet
    The LOVE Bracelet is sold for the first time in the NY boutique.
  • 1970
    New York Landmark
    1970 newyork landmark
    The Landmarks Preservation Commission declared the Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion a New York Landmark.
  • 1980
    The Holiday Red Ribbon
    1980 holiday red ribbon mansion
    The holiday red ribbon is wrapped around the Mansion for the first time, beginning a beloved modern Cartier tradition.
  • 1997
    "Cartier 1900-1939"
    1997 cartier 1990 1939 catalog
    Cartier exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: “Cartier 1900-1939.”
  • 2001
    Place de Cartier
    2001 place de cartier
    The intersection between 52nd Street and Fifth Avenue was named “Place de Cartier.”
  • 2016
    A Two-And-A-Half-Year Renovation
    2016 mansion renovation
    The Cartier Fifth Avenue Mansion reopens after a historic two-and-a-half-year renovation.