Baiser volé

A perfume with an astonishing sillage... Every aspect of the delicate lily is explored for the first time.
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The fragrance of a majestic yet elusive flower: the lily is recreated for the first time, from the freshness of the leaf, the floral scent of the petal and the powdery fragrance of the stamen. "For this perfume I wanted to recreate the scent of bundles of flowers on the neck". Mathilde Laurent, Cartier perfumer.

$78.00 - $151.00

Elegant Cartier fragrance discovery set with festive decoration for you or your loved ones. This set contains a 100 ml Eau de Parfum, its 15 ml Purse Spray and a 100 ml Perfumed Body Lotion from the Baiser Volé collection. BAISER VOLE EAU DE PARFUM BAISER VOLE PERFUMED BODY LOTION

To recapture the sensuality of the Baiser Volé fragrance, a smooth body milk enriched with an extract of lily, recognized for its softening properties, which produces a sensation of comfort and well-being, leaving the skin moisturized and delicately perfumed. paraben-free formula

The fragrance of a majestic lily enhanced with tonka bean and powdery hints of heliotropin. An abundance of lilies with velvety petals, more sensual than ever, like a touch of balm on the skin. A creation by Mathilde Laurent, Cartier perfumer.

$78.00 - $154.00