Cartier High Perfumery collections

Through Les Heures Voyageuses, Les Heures de Parfum and Les Épures de Parfum, Cartier delivers an instinctive, free-spirited vision of perfume where nature takes a central role.
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The Maison Cartier is delighted to introduce you to some of its finest olfactory creations, through a selection of five fragrances from its High Perfumery collections. This gift set consists of 5 x 2 ml samples: Pur Muguet and Pur Magnolia from Les Epures de Parfum, L'Heure Diaphane from Les Heures de Parfum and finally Oud & Santal and Oud & Ambre from the Les Heures Voyageuses collection. LES EPURES DE PARFUM PUR MUGUET LES EPURES DE PARFUM PUR MAGNOLIA LES HEURES DE PARFUM L'HEURE DIAPHANE LES HEURES VOYAGEUSES OUD & SANTAL LES HEURES VOYAGEUSES OUD & AMBRE

Oud and Pink, Les Heures Voyageuses Collection This rose plays with gender, mixing both the floral and the masculine, the rough and the smooth. A men's rose for women who wear men's fragrance, who flirt with ambivalence, plunge into the oud, rugged, gloomy and wear a dinner jacket with nothing underneath. Unstoppable. L’Heure Osée, Oud & Pink, Pure Rose gift set 3 x 15 ml

The world stirred, preparing its early morning with freshness and joy… washed. That first gleam of light that caressed the eyelashes was soft peony notes, we could have bathed in the clear fountain for its transparency, for its sheer blossoming of life ROSE. Mouth, neck and shoulders, it mingled with the air naturally, untamed and fresh lychee notes, like a smile that still recalls the child. Everything seemed new and bright at the floral source of the silver thread AMBER WOOD of this shining HEURE DIAPHANE whose exquisite reflections dissolved everything, wrapping ionones in a cloud of pure emotion.

Natural Oud resin has the captivating magnetism of sensual, seductive sandalwood, as smooth and sweet as plum syrup.

A magnolia without romance for a change, as if hanging from a tree, refined with freshness and full of radiance.

Cartier brings oud and amber together in a creative battle between two great fragrance legends from the East. The forces balance each other out with an addictive accord.

An elegant gift set to discover or have someone discover the prestigious Les Heures Voyageuses collection through three creations devoted to Oud resin, an emblematic and historical ingredient of the East whose natural origin is treated by Cartier with the utmost respect. This gift set consists of 3 x 15 ml bottles: Oud & Pink, Oud & Amber, Oud & Santal

An elegant gift set to discover or have someone discover Les Heures de Parfum, a repertoire of olfactory moments. These precious, modern and pure fragrances have been carefully pared-down, and feature an exclusive signature that focuses on the senses with highly sophisticated accords. This gift set consists of 6 x 15 ml bottles: I L'Heure Promise, II 'Heure Convoitée, V L'Heure Osée, VI L'Heure Brillante, VIII L'Heure Diaphane, XII L' Heure Mystérieuse.

We could eat it, now, raw, naked. A raw rose found in nature, bursting with life and essence that pulsates with freshness and permeates the nostrils. No frills, just the pure and simple pleasure of a hyper-realistic rose that chooses the truth, offering itself up completely nude.

A contemporary vision of this historic flower; unprecedented realism that has been pushed to the extreme. Lily-of-the-valley: bare.

As the horizon cleared, the desire for escape was stirred. Dawn or dusk? The moment smelled of the promised land and of lucerne, of the quiver of a summer with a magnolia soul, of BERGAMOTE. A chance to be seized while still clinging to life. A note of HORSEHAIR. And they're off! Together they would spur on battles of vetiver, body to body in MATTE tanned leather and lustrous fur, both accomplices of their own kidnapping, romantic abductors of a love overflowing with musky notes. Riding at a energetic gallop, L'HEURE FOUGUEUSE, aloof and imperious with lavender, would rush to freedom, like warm hay, hit by a storm of COUMARINE and oak moss.

Deny yourself nothing and do not resist this desire shrouded in voluptuous mystery amber note. Yes, it is unreasonable, but it is down to that silky bronzed skin SANDALWOOD and to that soft, sun-kissed velvet, so beautiful, so warm tolu with a taste that I imagine to be all the more addictive because it is forbidden. Deny yourself nothing, yield to the magnetic aura MUSK NOTES and to the subtle scent of L'HEURE DEFENDUE, succumb to this soft, deaf temptation patchouli… Spellbound VANILLA and sweetened with absolute black cocoa.

With incandescent oud wood, Cartier refreshes the amber embers of a bouquet of freshly-picked mint leaves.

An elegant gift set to discover or have someone discover the Les Épures de Parfum collection, through three pieces of invisible jewelry: Pure Rose, Pur Muguet and Pur Magnolia to celebrate the original resonance and beauty of nature... This gift set consists of 3 x 15 ml bottles: Pure Rose, Pur Muguet and Pur Magnolia.

A limited-edition travel size for you or your loved ones to discover Oud & Santal. The natural Oud resin has a captivating magnetism that is combined with sweet and syrupy sandalwood to enhance its fullness and powerful sensuality.

The combination of two key ingredients, two accords that echo one another, united by some of their facets: oud wood, with its woody, animal notes and its evocative power, and vanillin, with its powdery, sweet, olfactory and highly addictive notes.

A fragrance so light it can be enjoyed before it even touches the skin. The purest form of citrus.

It was time to capture a life full of fresh early mornings, Petit grain, FRESH HERBS at the dawn of intentions. Everything seemed possible – love, creation, belief. The time had come to embrace the day, comforted by self-confidence and honesty IRIS, and to fly or walk in the first glimmers of a spring of existence. The sheer newness was just waiting to be explored like an undiscovered continent bathed in hope, with the promise of cherishing the moment a little longer while everything remained quiet. Prolonging, preserving the moment: L'HEURE PROMISE by Cartier. An eiderdown of fragrance sandalwood, for leaving the night behind without affronting sleep. Outside, I sense, like a veil of tulle MUSK NOTES, my own deciding scent – that of my destiny unfolding and of an adventure that is anxious to take place.

This rose plays with gender, mixing both the floral and the masculine, the rough and the smooth. A men's rose for women who wear men's fragrance, who flirt with ambivalence, plunge into the oud, rugged, gloomy and wear a dinner jacket with nothing underneath. Unstoppable.

It was red she wanted, the blush of excitement, the tumescence of bitten lips strawberry flesh, the carnation in his buttonhole. Moving closer, driving him crazy, shedding her shyness to wrap herself in the steamy, playful, sensuous frills of CRÈME DE MARRON. No more stage fright, just a rhythmic dance in the aura of a velvet stage curtain iris notes, spotlights following her body. Look, here's my velvety shoulder CLOVE NOTES, there are my swaying curves, I vanish the better to come back to you, all legwork and pouting lips. Do you love my legs? The nape of my neck? The small of my back? Look, I'm your lover unveiled at L'HEURE CONVOITÉE, dressed in my powdered skin, my red lingerie red rose notes flying off in a peal of laughter FRESH GREEN NOTES. And what if I said “vous” to you, just for show, like Juliette Gréco singing: “Undress me, but not too soon, not too fast, learn to covet me, captivate me!”. Déshabillez-moi, song written by Robert Nyel and composed by Gaby Verlor

Unadorned Oud resin, its bareness and purity paying homage to the essence of this noble ingredient.

The moment was electric, charged with lemony, SWEET LIME energy. The unexpected laid down the law. The start was announced. Outside, the world accelerated. The hour when everything lights up, like neon longing to consume, had arrived. Refusing to abstain from anything, invigorating yourself with acidity, feeling the vibrating rhythm of the street and pounding the asphalt in a wild yet lucid undertaking. And drinking to life's gin notes, to the falling night, to parties past and to those that are yet to be invented in moments of rapture. For Time is radiant ALDEHYDES, and happiness is in tune with these bodies that are charged with fantasy, the invigorating thrill of L'HEURE BRILLANTE, which pours forth like a spicy drop.

Designed to be worn alone or in combination, in keeping with the oriental tradition of marrying different fragrances on the skin. Its intensity and capacity to enhance the sensual facets of each of the five other scents in the Les Heures Voyageuses collection makes this one emblematic of them all.