Les Épures de Parfum

Four olfactory creations for those who seek beauty that is sophisticated in its simplicity
6 Models

An elegant gift set to discover or have someone discover the Les Épures de Parfum collection, through three pieces of invisible jewelry: Pure Rose, Pur Muguet and Pur Magnolia to celebrate the original resonance and beauty of nature... This gift set consists of 3 x 15 ml bottles: Pure Rose, Pur Muguet and Pur Magnolia.

Oud and Pink, Les Heures Voyageuses Collection This rose plays with gender, mixing both the floral and the masculine, the rough and the smooth. A men's rose for women who wear men's fragrance, who flirt with ambivalence, plunge into the oud, rugged, gloomy and wear a dinner jacket with nothing underneath. Unstoppable. L’Heure Osée, Oud & Pink, Pure Rose gift set 3 x 15 ml

A magnolia without romance for a change, as if hanging from a tree, refined with freshness and full of radiance.

We could eat it, now, raw, naked. A raw rose found in nature, bursting with life and essence that pulsates with freshness and permeates the nostrils. No frills, just the pure and simple pleasure of a hyper-realistic rose that chooses the truth, offering itself up completely nude.

A contemporary vision of this historic flower; unprecedented realism that has been pushed to the extreme. Lily-of-the-valley: bare.

A fragrance so light it can be enjoyed before it even touches the skin. The purest form of citrus.