Les Indomptables de Cartier: Luxury Jewellery Collection - Cartier

Once Upon a Time… The Wild, Wild Tales as told by Amira Casar

Aesthetic Tensions

Cartier dares to create jewelry hybrids through these strong, graphic pieces: bracelets, watches and sculptural torques featuring powerful volumes.

A New Tête à Tête

The origin of this collection is tête-à-tête jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces and watches that contrast two animals from Cartier’s fauna. While their heads stay true to reality, their bodies are transformed: the scales of the crocodile adorn the zebra, who passes on his stripes to the panther. Meanwhile, the giraffe and tiger exchange their coats in a playful and creative carnival that pushes the boundaries of their representation.

The Savoir-Faire Challenge

Innovative, surprising and playful, Les Indomptables creations take a novel approach to onyx, cut to size for the zebra or panther's nose, as well as to diamonds. Cartier explores all possibilities through a number of setting techniques – with unique coat settings for each animal.