Fifth Avenue Mansion: New York

In 1909, Pierre Cartier, the youngest of the three brothers, crossed the Atlantic in search of a place to establish Cartier New York. Luck was on his side and came in the shape of an exceptional pearl necklace...

Designed in New York

In 1969, a spirit of change swept through New York. Disrupting all notions of fine jewelry, Italian-born jewelry designer Aldo Cipullo created the Cartier Love bracelet, followed by the Nail Bracelet in 1971, which was later renamed Juste un Clou. Together, these designs revealed beauty within simple shapes, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary design, and would go on to become part of the Maison's most legendary creations.

A Pearl on Fifth Avenue

Over a century ago, the story of how Cartier traded an exceptional pearl necklace for a grand mansion began. It was 1917 when Pierre Cartier first found the magnificent location in Manhattan. Pierre proposed a legendary swap to its owner, Morton Plant, after his wife, Maisie Plant, fell in love with a natural pearl necklace from Cartier. The necklace was exchanged for the Mansion, and the dream became a reality. Her portrait still hangs today in the Mansion.

A Landmark Address

The Fifth Avenue Mansion has a dynamic presence that celebrates the location's history and the Maison's spirit. From what was once a private home, to now a landmark address, the Mansion continues to be a powerful presence in the ever-changing architecture of Manhattan. In 1970, the building was designated an official landmark by the city, and in 2001, the corner of Fifth Avenue and 52nd street was named Place de Cartier.