After Sales Service - Watches

Your Cartier watch is an exceptional object that needs daily care, and regular servicing is recommended every five years. By following these recommendations you will preserve the longevity of your watch.

In order to have your Cartier watch diagnosed or repaired, we invite you to visit the Cartier boutique or authorized retailer of your choice, bringing your warranty certificate with you.


The Complete Service involves a detailed check of the performance of your Cartier watch. It is recommended approximately every five years.

Performed by a Cartier expert watchmaker, this service includes: full disassembly of the watch, cleaning of the case and metal bracelet (if applicable), various checks and inspections, and reassembly of the watch.

When specific damaged parts (e.g., the dial, crystal, crown, metal bracelet, etc.) need to be replaced, these will only be changed and invoiced after you have provided authorization.


Complete Service: From $385 USD