Complimentary services

The following complimentary services will be proposed, free of charge, on the Website or by the Customer Relations Center:

Gift wrap, Cartier red bag and Cartier red box or special packaging

All packages are delivered gift wrapped, with the Cartier Red Bag and in the Cartier Red Box or special packaging. Gift wrapping is not provided for purchase of watch straps, pen or agenda refills.

Engraving / Embossing

Engraving and embossing may be available on specific models such as rings, watches, pens and leather goods. If you wish to have your applicable Cartier product engraved or stamped, please provide the details on the Website or to the Cartier ambassador.

Engraved and embossed Cartier products cannot be returned to Cartier for exchange or refund.

Watch Bracelet adjustment

Bracelet adjustment is available on certain watches. If you require a watch bracelet adjustment, the removed links will be returned to you and included in the delivery package.

Gift note

You may personalize your order by adding a personalized note(s) that will be printed by Cartier, in a typeface that you select, on a gift card to be included in your order package.