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Please consult our Size Guides page to help you find the right size.

If you are not sure how to use or wear a specific creation, please visit our Jewellery Instructions page where you will find instructional videos and user guides.

The permanent contact between jewellery and your skin, its exposure to different weather conditions, to pollution or to accidental knocks all mean that it requires care and attention.

Here are our recommendations to avoid damaging your jewellery:

• If possible, remove your jewellery before starting any activity that might damage it, such as playing sport, cooking or gardening.
• Avoid any contact with cosmetic or household products, since they contain ingredients that could discolour your jewellery.
• Avoid rapid changes in temperature.
• Store your jewellery in an individual case, in its original Cartier case or in the separate compartment of a jewellery box. Chains should be closed, wrapped up and laid flat so as to avoid the formation of knots.

Discover all the Care advice and Services that Cartier offers to take care of your jewellery.

By following these simple tips you will be able to keep your jewellery in its original condition for many years to come:

• Regularly check the clasp
• If your jewellery does not contain lapis lazuli, coral, pearls, turquoise, emeralds or a significant cluster of tones, you can soak it regularly for a few minutes at a time in warm soapy water (using only soap with a neutral pH).
Gently brush it with a very soft toothbrush and then rinse it carefully in warm water. Finally, dry and buff the piece with a soft cloth, chamois leather or clean microfibre tissue.
• If your jewellery does contain this kind of stone, the task of cleaning it should be entrusted with one of our specialists at a Cartier Boutique.

Discover all the Care advice and Services that Cartier offers to take care of your jewellery.

Because it is precious, your jewellery creation deserves our full attention. Cartier offers the following services to allow you to take the greatest care of your jewellery:

Replacing cords

Sizing of necklace chains (up to 4cms)
Sizing of bracelet chains (up to 2cms)
Sizing of bands
Adjustment of the earring system
(Complimentary the first time then CHF 185)

Link and clasp repair
Setting maintenance, stone replacement
Adding or exchanging a component
(CHF 185 excluding chargeable components)

(By estimate)

Discover all the details of Cartier Care advice and Services to take care of your jewellery.

For the vast majority of jewellery, polishing makes it possible to remove or limit scratching on gold surfaces.

Given that this operation involves the removal of a fine layer of metal, we do not recommend polishing your jewellery more than twice in the lifetime of a piece of jewellery made of white gold or three times in the lifetime of a piece of jewellery made of yellow gold.

Check beforehand with our Cartier Jewellers that your model can be polished.

The Rapid Shine Service, a less intense polishing operation, is also available for the removal of superficial scratches on some yellow and rose gold models.
Our technicians are at your disposal to carry out a diagnosis and recommend the service that best suits your requirements.

Discover all the Care advice and Services that Cartier offers to take care of your jewellery.

Two pieces of jewellery may be affected by being worn side by side. The friction between two circles within the same ring, or around the edges of each stone, may explain the scratches that can often be observed.

• Always protect them from any potential knocks. Even diamonds, the hardest of all precious stones, may become broken or ground down by repeated blows.
• Regularly check the prongs and settings of your stones.
• Have your jewellery cleaned if the stones start to lose their shine or take on a dull appearance.

Discover all the Care advice and Services that Cartier offers to take care of your jewellery.

Please follow the instructions in the video to change the cord of your Trinity bracelet at home. Do not hesitate to contact the Maison for a new cord or colour options. You are invited to book an appointment in a Cartier boutique if you require further assistance changing your cord.

• If you wear your pearls regularly, have their stringing checked once a year.
• Avoid spraying perfume on pearls.
• Clean them with a damp cloth, using neither soap nor detergent.
• Store them separately in an individual case.

They could potentially be damaged by light, heat or by contact with soap or detergents.

Discover all the Care advice and Services that Cartier offers to take care of your jewellery.

Unlike other companies who do not accept returns on products such as earrings for hygiene reasons, Cartier considers that earrings are returnable.

Of course, as for all returns, earrings will be subject to strict Quality Control (“QC”) by us to ensure that they satisfy all requirements.
If they do not meet QC standards, we will refuse the return, and the earrings will be returned to you.
If they satisfy QC, we will proceed with the applicable refund or exchange.

Cartier describes its precious metals in terms of millesimal fineness, rather than the karat system.
Millesimal fineness can be used to describe all metals and it measures the parts per thousand of pure metal in each alloy. 

For the Maison, they are as follows:
Gold (white, rose, yellow): 750/1000
Platinum: 950/1000
Palladium: 950/1000
Silver: 925/1000

The karat system, which can be used only for gold, measures the parts of gold per 24, i.e. 18 karat gold is 18 parts gold per 24, therefore it is 75% gold. 24 karat gold is 100% gold.

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