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Cartier ring inside its box

Lighters care

Your cartier lighter on a day-to-day basis

In order to preserve the shine of your Cartier lighter, we recommend that you clean it using only a dry, soft cloth, and never to use alcohol, acetone or solvents.

A lighting system that is particularly effective and extremely reliable has been specially designed for Cartier lighters.

Your Cartier lighter can be equipped with the gas compartment most suitable to your use:

Standard burner version
Cigar burner version
These gas compartments have a large capacity (2.5 grams) and a long burning time (approximately 40 minutes with a flame of 25/30 mm).

The flame adjustment screw enables the flame height to be adjusted easily, effortlessly and accurately with a half-turn of the screw.

When refilling the gas, the lighter must be held in an upside-down position on a stable surface.

For the refilling process:

  • using the groove and/or notches located on the screw head, open the valve cap that protects the filling valve;
  • the lighter can be recharged without the risk of overflowing by pressing on the gas refill for 3 seconds.

Located on the lighter stud, the flint pusher has various functions:

  • it makes it easy to remove flint debris and then to fit the new flint;
  • it indicates the state of wear of the flint; as the flint wears down, the flint pusher moves toward the flint wheel.

Once the flint has been completely used up, no part of the flint pusher is in contact with the flint wheel, and the wheel rotates freely.

It is recommended that you change the flint when the pusher reaches the small ball. Only a Cartier flint will fit your Cartier lighter.


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