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N. Welsh, Collection Cartier © Cartier
© Baron Adoph de Mayer/Archives Cartier
Archives Cartier © Cartier
© Cartier
M. Gérard, Collection Cartier © Cartier
K. Riou © Cartier
V. Wulveryck © Cartier
Archives Cartier © Cartier
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Archives Cartier © Cartier
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Courtesy Christie's
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Marian Gérard, Collection Cartier © Cartier
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© Keystone
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Boissonnas et Taponnier © Cartier
Archives Cartier Londres © Cartier
Archives Cartier New York © Cartier
Image of Gary Cooper used with the permission of Mrs Maria Cooper Janis ©
© Rue des Archives /RDA
Image of Duke Ellington used with permission of the Estate of Duke Ellington © Collection F. Driggs/Magnum Photos
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Créatif Concept Edition © Cartier
Katel Riou © Cartier
Photo 2000 © Cartier
Amélie Garreau © Cartier
Vincent de la Faille © Cartier
Créatif Concept Edition © Cartier 2009 Durée d'utilisation
César © Arnaud Baumann
Laziz Hamani © Cartier

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