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The anniversary of an icon

For a hundred years, Trinity has interlinked its rings, representing infinite connection. This is the message of universality that Cartier chooses to share throughout the year.
To celebrate Trinity is to celebrate Cartier.

New designs and XL versions : a contemporary icon

To celebrate 100 years of Trinity, Cartier has imagined two new, designs: simple and pure, yet daring, along with a reissue of the XL bracelet, a cult creation, and an XL version of the iconic ring.

The legend and
the history

This iconic ring, straddling the frontier between jewellery and sculpture, feminine and masculine, playful and symbolic, was born of the imagination of Louis Cartier in 1924, the year it can first be found in the Maison’s registers.

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Constantly reinvented

The Trinity de Cartier ring features a unique chromatic combination. An endless source of inspiration and creativity.

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