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The Cartier Collection

At a 1973 auction in Geneva, for the first time in its history Cartier bought a piece made half a century earlier: a Portique mystery clock. It was the start of putting together a fabulous selection of jewels, watchmaking and precious accessories, all signed Cartier and representing its style. The oldest pieces date back to 1860 and the most recent to the late twentieth century. The ever-growing Cartier Collection now contains over 3,000 pieces.


The Collection’s jewellery creations celebrate the creative and precious power of Cartier from its beginnings to the present day.


A master of shaped watches: the Collection retraces Cartier’s history through the diversity of timepieces on display. The Collection also tells the tale of the visionary force which inspired modern watchmaking.


Pens, vanity cases or travel nécessaires, the pieces from the Cartier Collection represent a world of their own. Where poetry meets everyday life.



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