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The jewellery pieces from the Cartier Collection offer an insight into the Maison’s stylistic evolution. They depict Cartier's founding inspiration as well as the universal curiosity of the Maison. Pared-down design and sleek lines: the Collection reveals the power of these now iconic designs.

Star brooch

Cartier Paris, 1889
Gold, silver, diamonds.

Scroll tiara

Cartier Paris, 1910
Platinum, diamonds, millegrain setting.
Sold to Elisabeth (1876-1965), Queen of the Belgians.

Drapery brooch

Cartier Paris, 1912
Platinum, gold, diamonds, sapphires


Cartier Paris, 1914
Platinum, diamonds, natural pearls, onyx, enamel
This bold tiara is a pioneering example of the Art Deco style.

Scarab brooch

Cartier London, 1924
Gold, platinum, Ancient Egyptian faience, diamonds, emeralds, smoky quartz, enamel
The wings date from the second half of the first millennium BCE and come from the stock of apprêts. The term apprêts at Cartier referred to a stock of fragments from disassembled jewellery and objects, including ancient items from Persian, Indian, Chinese, and Egyptian art.


Cartier Paris, 1930
Platinum, diamonds, rock crystal beads.
Sold to Gloria Swanson (1897-1983).


Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1934
27 jadeite beads, platinum, gold, diamonds, ruby. Provenance: Barbara Hutton (1912-1979)

Hindu necklace

Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1936, altered in 1963
Platinum, gold, diamonds, sapphires, rubies.
Special order for Mrs Daisy Fellowes.

Drapery necklace

Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1947
Gold, platinum, diamonds, amethysts, turquoises. Provenance: the Duchess of Windsor (1896-1986)

Panther clip brooch

Cartier Paris, 1949.
Platinum, white gold, white and yellow diamonds, a Kashmir sapphire totalling 152.35 carats, sapphires.
This was the second three-dimensional panther made by Cartier for the Duke of Windsor.
Provenance: the Duchess of Windsor (1896–1986)

Palm tree clip brooch

Cartier Paris, commissioned in 1957
Platinum, gold, diamonds, rubies.

Crocodile necklace

Cartier Paris,commissioned in 1975
Gold, 1,023 fancy intense yellow diamonds, emeralds, rubies.
Entirely articulated, the two crocodiles can be worn separately as brooches.
Ordered by María Félix (1914-2002).

Love bracelet

Cartier New York, 1969
This particularly rare piece is one of the very first Love bracelets created by Aldo Cipullo and produced by Cartier.

Bionic Insect brooch

Cartier, 1999
Gold, diamonds, smoky quartz

Parrot ring

Cartier, 1999
Gold, white and fancy intense yellow diamonds, emeralds, mother-of-pearl

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