Tank watches - Cartier


The two parallel brancards of the Tank watch are its signature.

Tank Louis Cartier

A creation of balanced design and a symbol of timeless elegance. 


Inspired by the design of a military tank seen from above, the Tank watch is governed by this clear graphic principle: the brancards for the tracks, the case for the vehicle's cabin. From this union, a new and founding principle is born: the design of the case is integrated into an extension of the bracelet without any break in the visual rhythm.


Breaking with its time, the Tank watch immediately resonated with the aesthetes of its generation from the moment of its creation in 1917. It became the watch of the artistic and cultural avant-gardes who appreciated both the purity of its line and its creativity, as well as its way of reinventing itself. Multiple new interpretations, yet each always faithful to its inimitable style.


Reflecting stylistic research that has become more sophisticated over time, the line of the Tank watch will always evolve.
From 1921, the case stretched, the brancards became more refined: it became the Tank LC watch for Louis Cartier. Then came the monochrome dials of the Must years from the end of the 1970s.

In 1988, it was the launch of the Tank Américaine, in tune with the energy of the time, and in 1996, it was that of the Tank Française, which inaugurated a metal bracelet in perfect continuity with the case.