Since 1847, Cartier has embodied a tradition of excellence, truly committing itself to its creations as well as its expertise and quality of service. This commitment is fuelled by a desire to constantly improve client satisfaction and to offer the highest in added value, to inspire wonder and allow clients to enjoy their Cartier creations for a long time.


Cartier launched Cartier Care in 2019 with the intention of enhancing the durability of its creations, starting with its watches. All owners of Cartier watches are now invited to register their creations on the Cartier Care platform, which provides them with access to customised services and communications. Clients who register for Cartier Care can also benefit from an international warranty extension of between two and eight years. This warranty includes a full service, water-resistance check, battery replacement and metal bracelet repair, according to the expiry dates determined by the Maison.

The innovative Cartier Care platform allows the Maison to build a personalised and enduring relationship with its clients and to look after them by offering many other services. Although currently dedicated to watches, Cartier Care plans to expand in order to cover other categories of the Maison’s products.


Several personalisation services are available to make Cartier creations even more unique. These options are all offered free of charge to our clients.

Standard engraving is available to inscribe a message, initials or a date on the back of a watch or under the crown cover (Pasha).

Customers may also have the red box embossed and personalised with initials or a significant date in golden characters on the front of the case.


Cartier is committed to providing a maintenance service to ensure their creations stand the test of time. It offers the latest technical advances: such as a component blocking the watch’s magnetisation, or an innovative quartz movement for extended battery life. The Complete Service carried out by our workshops, guarantees the authenticity of the components used.


We offer restoration services for historic watches or watches that require special and thorough attention. Our master watchmakers are committed to finding a solution that preserves or restores the creation’s original qualities.

These entirely manual procedures rely on the expertise of the Cartier teams who can manufacture a made-to-measure missing component by drawing on the Maison’s archives and their savoir-faire. Thanks to these high-precision procedures, the most precious mechanical timepieces are brought back to life.


A courtesy service is available in a selection of boutiques. Santos or Panthère de Cartier watches can be borrowed free of charge while their watch is undergoing maintenance or for a special event.

*Limited-time offer subject to availability.