The Panthère de Cartier

A Powerful Symbol of Style

Everything is structured: the shape, handles, sharp pleats. Their minimalism forms a backdrop for the lock: a graphic panther’s head in profile, the result of a close collaboration between Cartier’s design studio and its High Jewellery sculptors

A Panther with Character

Personalise your Panthère de Cartier with initials or a date, hot-stamped in gold foil or engraved on the interior mirror.

3 Things to Know: The Panthère de Cartier Bag

Firstly, the curve of its lock, its volume, its C-shape with a profile accentuated by black lacquered markings, all of different sizes, adding a sense of life and movement to the animal. A collaboration between the designer and jeweller that required an ongoing dialogue from the first mould to the perfect form.